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About Lake Homes Realty, LLC

Lake Homes Realty, LLC in Golden, Missouri, is composed of real estate agents Mark and Tracy Frizielle, who have been running the company since 2003. We represent residential properties located around Table Rock Lake Beaver Lake and surrounding areas, specializing in properties located on the lake’s “quiet side,” around Eagle Rock, Shell Knob, and Golden. We are card-carrying members of the MLS, which allows us to show you all the listings on the market.

Warm & Friendly Service

Most of our past clients have become our very good friends. We pride ourselves on our integrity, honesty, hardworking nature, and trustworthiness. Our work-from-home situation means that we are always available, including Sundays. We truly enjoy selling homes, and we really like working with people from all backgrounds.

Experienced Service

In 2001, Mark earned his appraisal license, and worked as an appraisal apprentice for two years. Our founder's experience has given us an edge because we know the value of any given property through proper appraisal. If you’re looking for REALTORS™ who tell it like it is, look to us to help you find your dream lakeside house. We guarantee we will find you a place that makes you feel like you’re living a little bit closer to heaven.

Mark & Tracy - Real Estate Agents

Call us at (417) 271-1173 in Golden, MO, to learn more about the beautiful waterview properties of our real estate agents.